Friday, February 27, 2009

Off day during an off week

Fridays are always my off days, lots of reasons why I chose Fridays. First it's the day after Thursday night where I sometimes go out with my friends, which makes it hard to get up early on Friday. And it's the first day of the week end and I like to have some wine with my dinner on Friday night, which makes it harder to go ride, swim or run after dinner ;) This week though I wish I could have go out to run when I woke up this morning, the weather was really nice. It was 0C or so, no wind at all, perfect conditions to run at this time of the year. But sadly I can`t run still, I won't be able to run at all before Monday's appointment with the doctor. Good news though, I don't feel any pain in my foot at all anymore. Those couple of days off were great to heal some little things I had since a while. Pain in one of my knee, calves were sore since a while now. That should all be healed up by next week when I will, I hope, be able to restart running. I had an appointment with my trainer today, had my body fat measured again. I am really happy, during the last month I went from 16.6% to 15.5% of body fat. Last month versus today
Chin: 7Chin: 7
Cheek: 5Cheek: 5
Pectoral: 7Pectoral: 7.4
Triceps: 9Triceps: 7.4
Subscap: 11Subscap: 11
Mid-axillary: 14.6Mid-axillary: 12.4
Supra-Illiac: 14Supra-Illiac: 13
Umbilical: 20Umbilical: 19.2
Knee: 7Knee: 6.8
Medial Calf: 10Medial Calf: 6.8
*Quadriceps: 10*Quadriceps: 7.4
*Hamstrings: x*Hamstrings: 7.4
Sum of mm: 104.6Sum of mm: 96
Lean mass: 65.8Lean mass: 65.9
Fat%: 16.6Fat%: 15.5
I will update all the totals in the table as soon as I get some free times. Now I only have to keep working on that to get it down to 12% or so. Training for last week Running Time - 2:46 Distance - 27.28 km Swimming Time - 2:16 Distance - 4.8 km Ridding Time - 2:05 Distance - 65.9 km

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