Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tweaking the plan

Today's run was 1h05 with 8 hills repeat in it, well I should say should have been. When I left home I was still feeling my left Achilles tendon a little bit from Sunday's run, so I made the decision during my warm up that I would switch from a hills repeat day to an easy recovery day. I didn't change the duration of the run or anything, but I just ran around without doing any hills or speed work to make sure that I wouldn't push on that tendon and taking the chance to hurt it even more. At first I could feel it a little bit, but after 10 minutes or so of running I was feeling great which made me think that I made the right decision. With all that nice weather that we had lately the snow has melted a little bit, we still have some though. Here's how my street looks like ;) My street As you can see not much pavement to run on yet ;) But I can feel that it's coming! Now I just have to wait and see how it will feel today, so far it's great so I am hoping that I made the right decision. Weather was nice again today, it was around -5C with a little snow falling. I just love running it that kind of weather, and I especially love the fact that we're in February and it's warm, well warm for February here ;) Usually at this time of the year we still have weather colder than -20C/-25C so running in weather warmer than -5 is really nice. Running Distance - 12.1 km Time - 1:12:00 Biking Distance - 34.1 km Time - 1:10:00

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