Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My legs are tired

Today's run was an easy 45 minutes Z1 and Z2 workouts. My legs were tired, I guess that two trainer ride in the last two days and yesterday morning's run didn't help that much. I think I will do some modification in my weekly schedule and that I will ride the trainer on Friday morning instead of Thursday night. That should give my legs a little break. This is if we don't get that snow/wind combo tomorrow morning, according to the weather web site we should have snow with wind over 40km/h, this wouldn't be fun to run for sure. Besides that today's run went well, the weather was ok. It was around -11C with some wind but nothing too strong. I am happy that the weather is warm lately, it is so warm with the sun that the snow melt during the day, this is awesome because soon I will run on pavement again :) But on the less fun side all that water become ice during the night and there's more ice when I run in the morning. I guess we can't always win after all. Running Distance - 8.6 km Time - 52:00

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