Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday's pleasure

Man I love long run, going out for 2 hours of pure joy running in the street and relaxing while spending some real quality time with myself. It's hard to explain to someone who doesn't, but those runs are probably the best stress relief that I can find in my life. Every time I go out and run I just find a way to relax and get in peace with myself in a certain way, which is nice because lets face it, life is stressful. Now if only the snow was all melted it would be so much more pleasant to run than it actually is. The snow is now half melted in some place, so it's almost impossible to push while running because my feet keep sleeping. at least there's more pavement visible now than last week, and it will only get better ;) Today's run was my longest this year, last time I ran that long was at the half marathon last October. I am happy to see that I am in that shape so early in the season, I plan to run that kind of run at least every other week for the summer so I will always be in a half marathon shape. At least this is my plan for this summer, so if I decide myself to run a marathon along the way I will already be in a good starting shape for it. Today's split were 05m - 8m31s/km walking 30m - 6m16s/km in Z1 45m - 5m51s/km in Z2 15m - 5m29s/km in Z3 15m - 5m41s/km in Z2 02m53s - 9m10s/km walking The path was hilly so it messed my speed a little, not that easy to find a flat road around here when running for almost 2 hours. I was supposed to hit the trainer today after my long run, but my legs were so tired that I decided to pass on it for now. Here are my week-end's total. Running Time - 2:46 Distance - 27.5 km Swimming Time - 0:55 Distance - 2 km

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