Monday, February 16, 2009

There we go

It's official I will be tri'ìng for the kids for my first Olympique distance Triathlon next September. I am just coming back from a meeting with Leucan and they are really interested in my idea of completing an Olympique distance Triathlon for the kids. I still have to come up with a web site and a realistic goal, I am not sure yet but since an Olympique distance is 51.5km I might go with a 5150$ goal, I feel like it's doable if I work hard. Here's the map of the Triathlon that I will run for the kids Map The bike leg is on the Gilles Villeneuve's formula one track, this should be interesting. But I am pretty sure I won't ride as fast as them ;) I will keep you posted about how it goes and I will add a link to my web page as soon as it will be completed. Today's training was a trainer ride this morning and a swim during lunch time. ------ Ok I am just coming back from the pool, today we were 6 in each lane which is a bunch of people in a 25 meters pool. Now there's 5 lanes where I swim during lunch time, from slow to fast, can someone explain me how a swimmer can stay in the second to fastest lane and decided to do some kick board where everyone has to slow down because there's like no way you can double someone when there's so many people in a lane?!? I just don't get it, when I know I will do a slower set I just switch to a slower lane, I guess I am asking too much ... Riding Distance - 36.5 km Time - 1:10:00 Swimming Distance - 1.4 km Time - 45:00

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