Friday, February 13, 2009

Supposed to be an off day

Today was supposed to be an off day, but since I skipped my bike trainer ride yesterday night I woke up early today, read 5:30 AM, and I did ride for an hour before work. I just can't wait for the warm weather to get back, I want to ride outside so bad. I finally decided to sign for that Aquathlon tomorrow that the triathlon club here is organizing. I am really nervous about it, this will be my first competition where I will actually swim. Last summer I did only running and Duathlon, never actually swim in a competition. I know I am really slow as a swimmer, I think that if everything goes well I can break 17:30 for the 750 meters, then it's T1 and a 3 kilometers run. I should do ok in the run, even if I haven't been running inside for the entire winter, this will be weird to run without all my winter clothing for once :) This triathlon club has some really awesome triathletes in it, I know one of them who is going to the world championship next fall. Just so you can see how much faster those people are compared to me. Actually I wish I won't finish last but that might happen. I see this as an experience for the triathlons to come next summer, swimming then running, trying to keep enough energy to run a great 3 kilometers to finish the competition. This week's training Running Distance - 44.2 km Time - 4:31:00 Biking Distance - 93.81 km Time - 3:05:00 Swimming Distance - 6.2 km Time - 3:10:00

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