Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Those words a triathlete don't want to hear

"You'll have to stop running" For my last two runs I had a pain under my right foot, I was not too sure if it was a good thing to run on the pain and just deal with it. So I went to a sport chyropractor specialist yesterday night. He checked everything, and he said that it's either a stress fracture or I teared a muscle under my foot. Then he looked at me and said that I would have to stop running for a week and then restart with a walk/run program if I want to make sure that I would get ride of this before the season really kicks in. That means that there's no way I will be ready in time to run my half marathon at the speed I was intending to run it. I should be able to complete it, but no way I will do it fast :( That probably also mean that running a full in July will be harder since I am getting back to the start of my training program. I don't think it will mess with my triathlon season too much since I am not planning anything longer than an Olympic which is a 10k run and that shouldn't be a problem. But I should say that when he told me that yesterday the feeling was not that great inside. The guy is a runner too, so he knew how I was feeling. That was weird when I woke up at 5:30 today, to realize that I wouldn't go out to run even if the plan was calling for it. I am a bit disappointed and unhappy with my body right now. I did make sure that I wouldn't push too much during my training. I also made sure that I didn't raise the distance or time too fast to make sure I wouldn't hurt myself. But after all that I still get hurt, it's just not fair in my mind. At least I can still bike and swim, did a trainer ride yesterday night to change my mind a little bit. And tonight is master swimmers, which will give me an occasion to move a little bit for today at least. Swimming Time - 0:45 Distance - 1.4 km

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