Sunday, February 8, 2009

Races schedule for 2009

After thinking about it for a while I finally made up my mind about my scheduled races for 2009.

05.03 Quebec Int Half-Marathon - 21.1k
05.17 Duathlon Sorel-Tracy - Sprint
05.23 Triathlon des Iles - Sprint
06.07 Descente Royale - 10k
06.20 Triathlon Lac-Beauport - Sprint
06.27 Triathlon Trois-Rivieres- Sprint
07.04 Duathlon Lévis - Plus
07.19 Marathon Carl Girard - 42.2k
08.15 Triathlon Drummondville - Sprint
08.30 Marathon des Deux Rives - 21.2k
09.12 Triathlon Esprit Mtl - Oly
10.04 Marathon Rimouski - 42.2k
10.31 Course des Fantômes - 10k

I am still debating if it's a good idea to run my first Marathon in the middle of my triathlon's season. I might switch this one with a triathlon instead and run my first in October instead. Also I am not a 100% sure if I will run the half at the end of August or do a triathlon that happens to be the same day. Since this is two weeks before my "A" race of the year, the olympique in Montreal, I might decide not to run a half and do a triathlon as a training day instead. I will see as the summer goes by.I am also unsure if I didn't choose too much races, the main problem is that there's at least 6 months where we have no races at all around here so when I can finally race I want to do them all.As of now I would run two 10k, two half marathons, two marathons, a duathlon, a relay duathlon, five sprints and a Olympique triathlon. This seems like a lot looking at it from here. The good thing is that I haven't sign for any of those races yet so if I see that it's too much stress on my body I can always drop a couple of them on the way. If I compare with last year I did two relay duathlon, two duathlon, a 5k, a 10k and a half marathon. So I have a lot more races scheduled for this year but I have been training for a while for this season now and I intend to do most of my sprints triathlon as training races to prepare myself for my olympique in September. As far as the marathon goes in July it gives me 4 weeks after it to recover and get ready for my sprint in August which should be enough in my opinion, especially since the sprint is only a 5k run. I am pretty excited since this will be my first triathlon season. I hope I am not making any mistake in scheduling this year, but I guess that if I do I will learn from my mistakes and get better at it :)

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  1. Allô!

    LE Robert Lejeune autrefois de la rue Lemaire?

    Je suis tombé par hasard sur ton blog en cherchant sur le web si quelqu'un a publié des photos du marathon Carl Girard (il apparait dans ta planif...)
    Félicitations pour ta décision de prendre ta santé en main pour tes 40 ans! Et 40 ans c'est encore jeune... Ma blonde m'a dit tout l'hiver que je suis sur la pente descendante et après mes 2 marathons de ce printemps couru en mode "longue sortie" elle en a remis pas mal! Mais dimanche dernier à Sept-Iles il faisait 13 oC alors je m'en suis payé un vrai: J'ai retranché 2'24" à mon meilleur temps sur la distance! La vie commence à 40 ans!

    Au plaisir de se croiser au souper du marathon de Rimouski (il est sur ta planif, excellent choix... c'est le plusss meilleur du monde ;-))

    Le Gilles Cormier autrefois de la rue Lemaire à Sept-Iles.