Thursday, February 19, 2009

Snow storm, 6 inches of snow in the streets = trainer

I woke up at 5h30 today and looked outside, the weather peoples told us that we would have a snow storm with lots of winds this morning, so I was expecting that I wouldn't be able to head out and run. Finally the storm wasn't that bad and the wind were under 30km/h so still possible to run. But the streets were full of snow, there was like six inches of snow on the street in front of my house when I looked. So since I had a trainer ride planned for tonight I decided to just go to the basement and "enjoy" 1h05 of torture on my trainer. I just don't like the trainer much, and the plan I am following during the winter is really something, which makes it even more fun to be on the trainer. It's weird how riding a bike can be so enjoyable when outside and so boring when on the trainer. I miss those long ride outside during the summer, but I can feel it's coming slowly and that soon I will be able to enjoy them again. Anyway I did my 1h05 on the trainer and then got ready for work, the streets were still full of snow so coming to work was not that fun. But we live in a country where we have a long winter, so I guess we're used to that kind of weather after so long. Yesterday night was master trainers night, but my shoulder was still bugging me and I decided to pass for yesterday. I am still feeling guilty about it but I figured that going to swim with a pain in my left shoulder was not a really brilliant idea. I hope I was right, I will just push harder on Saturday's swim. Riding Distance - 31.5 km Time - 1:05:00

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