Sunday, February 15, 2009

What a nice Sunday

Sunday, nice weather, and long run on tap, what else can I ask for? The weather was nice for this time a the year, -5C or so, with a really nice sun warming my skin. I could see the snow melting slowly on the street, sign that I will eventually be able to ride my bike outside again. Today's run was a 1h30 run, it was what I like to call a Ladder run. It starts with 30 minutes in zone 1, then 30 minutes in zone 2, followed by 15 minutes in zone 3 and then back to 15 minutes in zone 2. Every time I do that I always wonder how I will be able to push to zone 3 after running for so long. I tried to change my route a little bit today, I wanted to make sure I wouldn't have too much hills to mess up my heart rate since I had to stick into specific zones. SO I figured something out that I guess would give me an hour and a half or so of running. That was funny, when I was in my last 15 minutes of running I met my girlfriend who was walking my dog. You should have seen the dog, he wanted to follow me so bad that I thought that my girlfriend wouldn't be able to hold him. When I finally came back home I realized that my left Achilles tendon was hurting, I don't know if it because I pushed too hard, or because I tried those screw shoes finally. Yeah I finally decided to put those screws under my Wave Rider, and since today's run was like half on ice and half on pavement I wonder if it was that much of a good idea. Or maybe it's because I tried my new Asics at Saturday's Aquathlon. I will see, I might remove the screws and see for Tuesday's run. Anyway I will skip my trainer ride and do it tomorrow morning instead. Running Distance - 16.8 km Time - 1:40:00

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