Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sunday = Long run

Today's long run day, actually for this week it's not that long since I will only got out for one hour or so, but still Sunday is long run day. I just love those long run on Sunday, it's really relaxing, you have time to think about everything you want, to look around and discover a new place in town, to actually appreciate life and the fact that you can go out and run. It gives me time to think about the season that is coming, which races will I do, how many triathlons, and half marathon. Will I do a marathon or not, should I do only one olympique triathlon or two during the summer. Weather is -1C, with windchill it goes down to -8C. Not that 0C they told us we would have, but at least we won't have rain that will eventually become ice and make it a pain to run for a week. To see weather that warm, it is warm for us at that time of the year believe me, it almost gives us the feeling that summer will come faster then expected. But I have lived in Quebec for long enough to know that we will have snow untill April for sure and that the cold is here for another month or so before it starts to slowly get warmer. At least the sun started to raise earlier in the morning, which makes my morning run a lot more enjoyable. Anyway, off to run a little bit so I can enjoy my Sunday's long run. Update: Finally I was so wrong, it looks like it rain last night because the sidewalks were like ice ring, the street was full of slush and there was water ponds everywhere. I came back home after 75 minutes with my shoes and socks so wet it looks like I was swimming out there ... Running Distance - 12 km Time - 1:13:00 Biking Distance - 34 km Time - 1:00:00

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