Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sticking to the plan

I came back home around 9pm yesterday after having a diner with a client, I should have get downstairs and do my push ups but I just forgot and skipped them finally yesterday. There's no way I can do them before or after the pool tonight, my shoulders are always way to tired to do push ups on the same day as swimming.

Easy run today, kind of a recovery run from yesterday's tempo. My legs are still a bit sore, especially my calves. The weather was ok, it was -14C but with some 20km/h winds though so with windchill probably around -22C. I miss running in the summer ... a couple more months and it be nice again in the morning.

I skipped the pool again yesterday, and because of that I am already lagging behind in my February's plan. I will have to kick it up a notch to get back on track. Master swimmers tonight, I will have to push to compensate for missing the pool for the last two days.

Distance - 5 km
Time - 30:00

Distance - 2400 meters
Time - 1:30:00

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