Thursday, February 5, 2009

New babe : )

After thinking about it for months I finally made up my mind today. I called my LBS and asked them to order my new baby, a wonderful Trek Equinox 9.9 2009. Here's a picture of it, isn't it beautifull? Now I only have to train harder to make sure that I will be in the best shape ever to ride it as fast as I possibly can. This "little" expense got me thinking, why do we spend so much money on a sport where we earn no money at all. Where most of us will probably never win a competition, and so never win a single dollar out of it. Sure it will make me faster, the bike is more aero than my road bike. It will also help me on the run part of the triathlon because the geometry of the bike makes it easier on the legs so we have more legs for the run part. But with all those advantages with the new bike, I will still be a middle of the pack athlete. I am lucky enough to be in one of the age group where the competition is tough too, 40-44 ain't easy. Why do we enjoy that wonderful sport, is it because we can spend money all on those toys? Bikes, GPS, Compu Trainer, etc. I know we don't need all those toys to compete in this sport, as long as you have any kind of bike a pair of shoes and a swimsuit you're sure to have fun in a triathlon. But still, we buy more and more shiny toys. Do we have more fun with all those toys ... Running Distance - 4 km Time - 25:00 Biking Distance - 30 km Time - 1:00:00

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