Friday, February 20, 2009

Off day ... not so off

Today is my usual off day of the week. But since didn't run yesterday morning because of the snow storm I went out to do that run today. First of all, let me tell you that it was not better today. There was still a lot of snow on the streets and it was painful to run today. I usually enjoy my morning run, today was not as enjoyable as usual. The weather was ok, something like -9C or so with 20km/h winds or so. It was a ladder run, 15 minutes in zone 1, 15 minutes in zone 2, 10 minutes in zone 3 and then 5 minutes in zone 1. I did ok, but not as fast as I usually do on those runs because of the snow. 15m - 06m07s/km in Z1 15m - 05m17s/km in Z2 10m - 05m11s/km in Z3 05m - 06m15s/km in Z1 Here's my training for the last week Running Distance - 49.25 km Time - 4:50:00 Riding Distance - 104.7 km Time - 3:25:00 Swimming Distance - 2.3 km Time - 1:06:00 Looking at those numbers I see that missing master swimmers Wednesday night and the Aquathlon last week end cut my swimming distance for the week drastically, but I will get those number back up in the upcoming week :)

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