Monday, February 9, 2009

Tri'ing for a charity

I have been thinking about it for a while now, since I already spend at least 10 hours a week training should I do it for a charity. Last year I did raise money for Leucan, a charity here in Quebec. Every year they organize the Shaved Head Challenge, last year I raised around 1000$ in exchange that I would shave my head. I did it and since then I kept it shaved so no way I can do it again this year. No one would pay me for shaving what is already shaved. Leucan is an association that grew out of the junction of parents of cancer-stricken children and health care professionals. Since its foundation in 1978, its mission has been to enhance the well-being, healing and recovery of children with cancer and ensure support for their families. In the last ten years, Leucan, which receives no government grants, has witnessed impressive growth and diversification of its services to families. Leucan plays a key role in pediatric oncology, and works jointly with collaborators in its field, with a comprehensive approach to care. Leucan I do believe in them and I will be happy to raise money for them from now on until September 2009, the date at which I will complete my first Olympique distance Triathlon. I am not sure how much money I will able to raise for them, but I believe that if my head was worth 1000$ then 10 hours a week for so many weeks is worth more then that. If I start counting now until September 2009 I will spend more then 300 hours training. An Olympique distance Triathlon is 1.5 kilometers swim, 40 kilometers bike and a 10 kilometers run to finish. Overall it is 51.5 kilometers, I guess that it is worth at least 1$ per kilometers. In the next weeks I will work on something with them, I have in mind to create a Paypal account where people can deposit their donation and a web site where people can follow my training see how much money I have raised so far, etc. Training for today is Swimming Distance - 1.6 km Time - 40:06

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