Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Sun Rise by itself is worth it

It's that time of the year where the sun is rising early enough so I can see it while I am running, today just just beautiful. The sky was perfect, not a single cloud in it, it was like orange and slowly the sun appeared. Those are some awesome moments, outside running and seeing something that beautiful. I wish I would have had my cell phone with me to take a picture of it, I will try to think about it tomorrow and post a picture here. Today's run was a tempo run, 10 min warm up, 40 minutes tempo and 10 minutes cool down. 5m 9:08/km walking 10m 6:14/km warm up 40m 5:14/km tempo 10m 6:20/km cool down 2m 10:14/km walking By the end of the 40 minutes I was getting tired and my pace was slower, but overall I stayed at the pace I was aiming for. My goal for that tempo run was 5:17, so 5:14 is not too far off. When I ran my Sunday's long run I hurt myself, not too sure how but it started hurting under my right feet every time I pushed while running. I was feeling better yesterday so I figured I would be ok to run today, finally it started hurting again after 45 minutes or so today. I am not sure if I should go see a doctor of some kind or if I will just get over it after a couple of days ... I hate when it happens to me, my body should know better than anybody that I don't have the time to get hurt with the tri season coming soon. I was surfing on the New York City Marathon web site today and I saw that the lottery application is finally open, so I did apply. Now I only have to hope that I will get picked :) Running Time - 1:07 Distance - 11.57 km Riding Time - 1:00 Distance - 31.1 km

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