Monday, March 2, 2009

Slow week end

The fact that I still can not run doesn't help with my overall training. Last week end was ok, I did ride my trainer twice and went for a swim, but nothing big. I can't really explain why, but since I stopped running I don't feel like training as much as I usually do. When I went to the pool Saturday I swam 1.4km or so and then I was out of the pool. I just didn't feel like swimming forever, maybe I am getting bored with winter too and I want to go out. I think I am just missing running, that time alone with myself as always been nice. Talking of going outside, I can't wait to try an open water swim, to try my wetsuit and see how it fits. Riding outside will be nice too, those trainer rides are getting harder to get done lately. At least, when I run, I run outside so I am not as bored with that part ;) Anyway, I am heading to my doctor's tonight and he should normally give me the go to restart running. Well that will probably be a run/walk program to make sure I don't hurt myself again. But still, at least I will be out there moving! I will go swim during lunch today, I hope that the pool won't be too crowded. It's spring break here, so everyone if off this week. I wonder if that means more people will go swim, or less ... I will see soon enough ;) Week-end totals Riding Time - 0:53 Distance - 30.25km Swimming Time - 0:40 Distance - 1.4km

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