Thursday, March 19, 2009

She's finally here :)

Yeah! I got my new ride yesterday afternoon, she's so sweet and looks damn fast. So as soon as I got home I switched the back wheel and fit her on the trainer. An hour or so later I am really happy with my new baby, but I discovered a couple of new muscle ;) I was hurting in a couple of new places that I do not hurt usually. My neck was hurting a bit, my wrists were hurting too not too sure why. Maybe I need to get a real fit to make sure everything is in place. My quads were also hurting more than usual, this might be the fact that I push a bit harder since I had my new ride and I wanted to make sure I would get a good result too. So I choose a track I rode last fall with my Opus, a simple 30k with a couple of hills. It starts with a 5k climb to get warm up and then goes down then back up for another 7-8k and down again. Kind of a nice track to push then relax a bit. What is cool with the Tack Fortius is that it keeps an history of every ride I do and I can race against myself whenever I redo the same track. So yesterday that is exactly what I did, I put the new bike on the Fortius and choose a track where I rode last fall. I am kind of amaze with the result, and to be honest I don't know how to analyze them. Last year I did that track in 1:19:21, for a 30.1k ride that means I had an average of 22.76km/h which was not great. I guess that I took a night off that time and that those results can't be used for a real comparison, but still. Yesterday I did ride the same track in 54:46 for an average of 32.99km/h. By the time I crossed the finished line I had an advance of over 10K on myself in last year ride. I guess that means two things, yesterday I pushed way harder than last year, and I did improve during winter :)

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