Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Back in dark

Last week end we changed back to daylight saving, I guess it's awesome for those of you running at night since you have the sun for a longer period of time. But for those of us running in the morning that means that we're back in the dark. It was harder to get up this morning since it was so dark outside. I got used fast to wake up with some light outside. But once outside I saw that full moon at the other end of the street, the view was so beautifull, the moon was so huge it was amazing. Yesterday I had an appointment at the hospital for a minor surgery. Everything went great and I was out of there in no time, which is great. The doctor told me that I can still run and ride no problem but swimming is out of the question for ten days or so. If I knew that I would have went swiming yesterday morning one last time. I haven't been updating the blog a lot lately, so here are my training times for last week Running Time - 1:14 Distance – 11.7km Swimming Time – 1:20 Distance – 2.8km Riding Time – 2:10 Distance – 73km

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