Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back on the road!

Oh yeah! I had an appointment with my doctor yesterday night and he gave me the go to restart running. So being who I am I went out first thing this morning ;)It felt so good to run again, nothing big as far as running goes, but just being out there and run was really cool. He gave me a plan on 5 weeks with run and walk to get back on the track slowly, best way to make sure I won't hurt my foot again. So today was a huge 2 minutes run followed by 1 minute walk and that for 10 times. To be honest I came back home and I sweety, but to slowly get back on it was nice though. The best part is that I went out and ran for 20 minutes overall and I didn't feel any pain, which is great news. Now I just have to make sure I don't go too fast and that I follow the plan.

Normally the plan should look like this
Week 1 : 2/1 for 30 minutes twice, then 3/1 for 32 minutes twice
Week 2 : 4/1 for 30 minutes twice, then 5/1 for 30 minutes twice
Week 3 : 5/1 for 30 minutes twice, then 15/1/15 for 31 minutes twice
Week 4 : 15/1/15 for 31 minutes twice, then 15/1/20 for 36 minutes twice
Week 5 : 15/1/20 for 36 minutes twice, then 20/1/20 for 41 minutes twice

I don't know how this will fit with my half marathon at the beginning of May, I might have to change the plan a little bit to have a longer run on Sunday eventually just to make sure I won't have to increase too fast after those 5 weeks to get ready for the half marathon. But how well my foot will feel over those 5 next weeks will be what dictate me how to handle the plan I guess.RunningDistance - 5.7kmTime - 0:36

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