Monday, March 23, 2009

It's oficial

It is now official, I just got the confirmation by email.

Payment has been received
Robert Lejeune is Registered for
Triathlon des Iles

I amnow registered for my first Triathlon, I have been training for this for so long and now I know it will be in two months. Now I need to find a way to do at least one open water swim in my wetsuit before the triathlon. I have never swim with a wetsuit, and besides when I was young swimming in a lake I have never done an open water swim. I know I need to do at least one before the triathlon, but my main problem as of now is that the lakes around here looks like this

I am not sure I'd go swimming in there tonight.

Talking of swimming, since I forgot my bags at home this morning I will head to the pool for a swim tonight. It's been two weeks since I swam, might be a bit hard.

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  1. Yikes! There is no way I would be venturing anywhere near that! And here I was moaning about water that was about 18 degrees celcius....