Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am spoiled now

After last Saturday's ride outside I got spoiled, I have a ride to do today and I want to go ride outside. I am not too sure yet if the weather will cooperate though. We had some melting snow this morning, didn't look like a day to go ride. But it is supposed to be 4C this afternoon with sun, if I leave work not too late I could probably get an hour or so run in before the sunset.

If I can't get out then I will ride my new Trek on the trainer, which is not a bad idea either. But I am just tired of the trainer after 5 months on it 3/4 times a week. It is amazing how riding a bike outside can be so wonderful and doing the same thing in your basement can be boring :p

At least I do not run inside, I will never understand how people do to run on a treadmill. Even at -40C I always prefer to go run outside than on the treadmill. This remind me of a picture I took somewhere in January or February, that was a cold day to run ;)


  1. Gah, I hear you.. I am SO tired of sitting on my bike and am very much looking forward to riding outside soon!

  2. Ha ha great picture! We don't ever get to see that here in Mississippi. It's me blujay, from BT. Here's hoping you keep getting the nicer weather!