Friday, March 27, 2009

I might have to change my plans

For the last couple of days the weather was supposed to be awesome for tomorrow, it was supposed to be a nice sunny 12C. I had in mind to get out and have my first outside ride of the season, I was really looking forward to it. All of you who read me in the last months know how I am getting tired of riding on the trainer, even if I love my Tacx Fortius.

So I woke up today, around 6h00 I'd say, thinking about tomorrow's ride, and I decided not to ride this morning. This decision made me stay in bed a bit more than usual. When I finally got out of bed I went downstairs just to see this ...

And this

Before I start swearing like a pirate I decided to check the weather for today. It is supposed to be 4C this afternoon with a little bit of rain, this should take care of the snow. But I won't be sure before tomorrow morning I guess. While I was on the weather web site I checked tomorrow's forecast, they changed it from 12 to 7C. I am pretty sure someone somewhere doesn't want me to ride outside tomorrow.

I will wait until tomorrow before changing my plans, but it sure doesn't look good from what I can see for now.

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