Thursday, March 12, 2009

The spring isn't here yet!

Lately the weather has been more than nice around here. The snow is melting, the pavement is visible again, and a lot of the time it's over 0C. So I got kind of used to it, I started getting dressed more in a spring way when I was heading out to run. Today was something else though, the weather was -17C or so when I woke up and with windchill it was -27C. It seems like I was getting used to warmer weather fast, because I really felt the cold today. I went out for a 40 minutes run today, I am on a 4 minutes run and 1 minute walk program now and my foot is doing really well. Normally Saturday I will go for 5 and 1 and test it out, I am happy to see that I can add more running time fast because with that half marathon coming on May 3rd I have to get back to at least one long run per week fast. I got a call from my bike store yesterday to tell me that my new Equinox has arrived, it's still in the box though. They should prepare it today or tomorrow normally, I can't wait to see it for real.

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