Sunday, March 22, 2009

Double workout day

Yesterday I went to get a fit on my new bike, I got some really good references from a friend and I decided to try him. Since my bike store is not specialized at all into triathlon I couldn't ask them to fit me.

He worked on my position on the bike for over 2 hours. Changed almost everything, from where my feet are on the pedals, raised the seat, moved it back. He then changed the entire aero bar setup and cut them a little bit. I wasn't too sure but I must say after all those tweaks I just love the fit.

Since I got that fit yesterday I had to try it this morning. I tried to choose a flat track on the Fortius to have a real idea how I would feel in aero. So I choose a track with 0.1% slope and nothing more then 3% climb. I must say I was impressed, I have beenin aero the whole session, which was 48:36, and I never felt any pain at all. Overall I rode 30km, for an average of 37km/h, which was impressive. I can't wait to try my new baby in race :)

The weather was really nice in the afternoon when I went out for my longish run. I am now running 15 minutes then taking a minute walking break. I can't wait to be done with that and to restart running for longer distance. I ran 9.15km in 55 minutes, I was trying to slow down a little bit since I feel like my easy run are too fast lately.

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