Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just got back from a quick run

I am just getting back from a quick 35 minutes run, the weather is just awesome and all that snow that we got yesterday is gone :)

As of now it's about 6C and it should hit 10C after lunch which means that I will be able to go ride outside for the first time in 5 months or so. I just can't wait, this should be wonderful to ride in such a amazing weather with snow everywhere ;) I will take some pictures and post them here when I get back.

On my run this morning I realised something, well I did realise it before but it seems to really be a pattern and I don't really understand it. Today I was running 15 then walk 1 and running 20, still trying to heal that right foot so I do have those walking break here and there for another week.

Here are the splits from that run.
15m - 4m59s/km
1m - 7m28s/km
20m - 4m39s/km

I don't get it, everytime I go out for a run where I have a walking break I always have a faster split after the break. Last time I was doing something like 5 run/1 walk 5 times and every 5 minutes split was faster than the one before.

I need to understand why I always have that kind of split, and especially when I take a walking break. Maybe I will have to look at my long run pace and try to see if I do have negative splits like that when I don't take a walk break during the run too.

Anyway, I'll go get that bike for this afternoon ride, cya all later!

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