Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spinning in the morning

Since my doctor told me that I can't run more then four days a week I decided to play with my usual schedule. So instead of running on Wednesday morning I decided to ride the trainer. This is the last week of a 16 weeks plan I have been following for the entire winter and today was the 20 minute power test. A simple way to explain this is that you warm up for 15 minutes and then spin as hard as possible for 20 minutes. Let me tell you that this is really painfull and that after that it's hard to climb the stairs out of the basement ;) Last time I did that test my output was 287 watts, when I did it today my output was 316 watts. That would give me an improve of 10% over the last six weeks. I am pretty happy with that improve and it proves me that following this plan over the winter was a really good idea. I am using my Tacx Fortius to calculate the power and I am not sure that it is that accurate. But my guess is that even if it's not accurate to measure the watts it should always measure it the same way so my output might be wrong but my improve should correct. I will be doing the five minutes power test on Sunday to have my FTP, I really can't wait to see it :) Now lets hope that it will show during my triathlons next summer ... Riding Time - 0:40 Distance - 20.6km

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