Saturday, March 14, 2009

Disappointing time last week

Looking at last week total time I am disappointed, I used to train around 10 hours a week and last week was almost 5 hours. The fact that my doctor asked me to cut the running by half to let my foot heals and that I can't swim because of the surgery doesn't help my training time but still, it's disappointing to see this at this time of the year where I should start to push to get in shape for the summer.I went for a quick run this morning before going to work, I am at 5 minutes run 1 minute walk for now. I am really happy with how good my foot feels after each run. Tomorrow I will go for a 50 minutes or so run to try to keep some kind of long run while I heal. That half marathon is coming quickly, so I need to do as much as I possibly can to keep my fitness.

Time - 2:47
Distance - 12.8km

Time - 2:01
Distance - 64.4km

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