Thursday, April 2, 2009

Feeling bad to skip a session?

Yesterday a friend called me and asked if I wanted to go out tonight for a couple of beers. I told him I had no idea, but in the back of my head I wanted to tell him no because I had planned to ride my bike tonight. Either outside or inside I wanted to ride at least an hour. The summer is coming and I want to improve as much as I can on the bike. I finally told him to call me back today and I would have a better idea.

Now I am sitting here, thinking about it and I feel weird. On one side I want to go out with my friends, have a couple of beers and enjoy their companies. But on the other side I feel bad to skip a workout, I feel like I am cheating my training. I am so addicted to my training that I feel like I can`t skip a single session. Am I alone in this situation, anyone else ever felt bad to skip a session so he/she can go out and have some good time?

Or maybe I am just weird, and I just take all this a little bit too seriously. I always thought that you should give it your 100% whenever you participate into something, and this is how I am approaching my Triathlon training, and racing. I may not be the fastest person out there, but I know that every time I get home after a training I gave my 100%, and this is the same for every races.

I haven't made up my mind yet, so I don't know if I will go ride or go out tonight. I guess the weather will help me decide. If it`s nice and sunny I will go ride outside, and if it rains I will go out instead of riding in my basement ;)

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