Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Riding in the wind

Since I had a four days week end I figured I would take advantage of the fact that I didn't have to work on Monday to go out and have a long ride. My initial plan was to have two long ride during the week end, but I had to cut my Saturday's ride because my friend was about to die, I guess he figured out pretty quickly that not doing anything for 3 months during winter was not his best idea ever ;)

Since I only had a 40k or so ride on Saturday I figured I could get something like 70-80k yesterday. So I tried to find a route where I knew I would be able to get those kilometers done without having to deal with snow or anything, yes we still have snow at some place around here.

According to the weatherman it would be a windy day, after being out for 3 hours I can tell you that calling this day windy was not strong enough of a word. It was probably the mother of all the windy day, the wind was around 30km/h with gust at 55km/h or so. And to make it worst it was a cross wind for the entire ride.

At first I wanted to grab the triathlon bike to go out and ride, but after looking at the trees around the house and seeing them almost break in the wind I figured that taking the roadie would be a better idea. I am pretty sure that with all those cross winds I would have drop the triathlon bike sooner or later and there is no way I would have been able to take any advantage of it in those winds anyway.

I took a couple of pictures or the river, which is probably still freezing even if there no more ice in it. Not sure I would go in there for an open water swim yet.

I finally finished the day with a 70 kilometers ride and with all those winds I can assure you that it was a really good workout.

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  1. nice ride and way to get it done with those GUSTS! lovely photos.