Saturday, April 11, 2009

HIM in 2009 or not

I just can't make up my mind, I have been strugling with the idea of completing an half Ironman in 2009 for a while now. I know I have yet to complete a single triathlon, but still the half Ironman distance appel me. I can not really explain why, but I really want to complete one.

At first my plan was to complete multiple Sprints and an Olympique this year and then to go for the Half IronMan next year. But as of now, I am training to complete two or three half marathon and two 90 kilometers or more riding races this year. I also know that I can swim the distance. All those reasons make me wonder if I should tackle the half iron distance this year already.

I know I could complete a half iron this year, my actual training would probably be close to enough to do it. But the main question is, am I going through the steps too fast. Should I just take my first year to complete Sprints and Olympique and enjoy them as much as I can, then next year move to the half iron distance as I planned.

I see a lot of people who complete their first half iron and it seems to be such an experience, do I miss something if I don't go for it this year. One year from now I was not even thinking about training to do any kind of triathlon, and now I am wondering if I should go for the half iron. I even see a lot of people aiming the half Ironman distance as their first ever triathlon.

When I did my second relay Duathlon last year, watching those athletes doing half Ironman, Ironman and double Ironman is what really got me into the Triathlon world. I was watching them and dreaming that I would complete those distance one day, I know it may sounds crazy but it was so unreal for me that someone could race for 5, 10, 15 and even 30 hours that I felt like I had to train to one day be able to compete in those distance.

Before that single moment I never ever ran. I was just riding my bike and enjoying every moment of it. But those people really got me into a world in which I never though I would be. I then started to run and to swim later on. It's been almost a year now since I decided to head into this wonderful world, the triathlon world. And now I have got to make a decision.

I just don't want to regret the decision that I will make, so I need to really think about it. I need to make sure that I will feel good with whatever the decision I will make.


  1. It's a decision only you can make, but I say go for it! I did my first HIM at the end of my first triathlon season and don't regret it -- and I have 2 more this year :) . Oh, and the double IM folks? THEY are truely insane !

  2. Personally, I would stick with shorter races in my first year, and do a half next. BUT THATS JUST ME.

    It sounds like you really want to do a half. I know a lot of people who signed up for the 2007 Ironman Newfoundland 70.3 as their first ever tri, and did very well.

    If you are having no problem getting in the volume, Go for it, and do it to get it under your belt. Don't worry about time goals, just get it done.