Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First ride with my new baby!

Today was the day, I was feeling like we both were ready. The weather was nice, around 55F or so, and almost no winds. The only problem, I was at work. I was not too sure if getting out of the office early was a good idea since I had stuff to do still. But the weather was sooo nice I could hear the bike calling my name.

So at 3h45 or so I decided to take off, I figured I would work harder on another day, at least this is the reason I gave myself to get out early today. Jumped in the car, and tried to get home as fast as possible. I called my wife on my way home, to let her know that I would be late tonight since I had to go ride. She said she knew that I would call her to tell her that when she saw the weather. She's so sweet, she understand that I am a junky and that I really need my training fix.

When I finally arrived home I rush into my room to change clothes and get my riding gear on. Prepared some Cytomax and I was ready to take off. Got outside and jumped on the Trek. I did one quick ride once last week end to test the aero position and have an idea if the fit was good or not, I rode 7km or so so nothing to get really excited.

Today was the first real test, I went out for a 40km. A road that I like to ride on and that I do a lot so I knew traffic wouldn't be too bad, which was good because it was my first time in aero for a long ride. I rode the 40 in 75 minutes or so, stayed in aero the whole ride, so I am pretty happy about that. The fit seems to be really good, didn't feel any pain but my neck is a bit sore though, I guess it takes some times to get used to.

I am really happy with my new bike, it feels really fast. Today's ride was around 32km/h on a road with stop sign red lights traffic etc. So I guess I can get some really nice speed on a closed track.

The only thing that was a bit weird while riding was that I couldn't get as fast while going downhill that I usually do with my roadie. I am not too sure if it's because I am not used to the bike and the aero position yet, or if it is normal. I guess time will tell me :)

I need to take some pictures of the new bike and post them, tried with my cell phone but it didn't work out well.


  1. congrats on breaking in the new baby !

  2. We need to see the bike!! It has been gorgeous in Montreal for the past few days.