Monday, April 6, 2009

I just love running in the rain

I can't really explain why, but I love running in the rain. Not the heavy kind of rain, but the light rain mist kind. This week end was probably close to the perfect weather to run, as far as I am concerned. It was 3C-4C with a little mist, I must admit that the perfect weather would be more like 10C with the same mist. But still I had long sleeves and pants and I felt just awesome. Lucky me I had two of those days with the same weather.

It was my first run over an hour since I hurt my right foot in February so I was a little nervous. I ran it mostly into zone 1 at a moderate pace and I felt great overall, I did feel a little bit of pain at some point during my run but it didn't stay for long. I made sure to put some ice as soon as I got back home and I have been pain free since then.

I do not want to push too hard on my right foot because I don't want to hurt myself for good and miss an entire Triathlon season. But I do have a half marathon in 4 weeks and I want to run it at a certain pace, so I have to balance my training in between pushing hard to get faster and just running to stay healthy.

By noon Sunday the rain stopped completely, so I decided to go for a ride outside. I am so tired of riding on the trainer that I accept all kind of weather to ride outside right now. Even if the pavement was still wet and full of sands I got all dressed up and went for my ride.

The weather was around 4C at that time and I was dressed perfectly for it. I was not cold at all, so I kept going on one of my favorite road. After around 30k I decided it would be a good idea to turn around and go back home. I turned and then stopped to have a gel and some Cytomax. While I was enjoying my awesome lunch I felt a couple of drop of rain on my skin, so I figured that it would rain a little bit but I had the wind on my back now so it wouldn't be that bad.

Here's a picture of the river next to where I stopped, you can see that there's still some snow here and there but we're slowly getting there. Yes it's a big river ;)

I got back on the bike and started riding on my way back home, first hill that I went down I could hear a weird noise. Like if my front brake were touching the rim, so I tried to fix that while riding around 45 km/h. After a little while the sound was gone, I was proud of myself since I fixed the noise. Well I thought that I did fix it. At the moment I realized that the noise was coming from the back tire, and it was more the air getting out that I could hear.

Yeah I got my first flat of the season, in the rain to make sure it would be pleasant. I changed the flat and got back on the bike, kept riding as fast I could to get back home. At some point during my ride back home the wind has been kind enough to turn around so I would have a headwind, nothing more pleasant when you're all wet from the rain ;)

I stopped by one of the lake where I am planning to swim during the summer, all I can say is that as of now the lake would be more useful to someone with ice skate than a wetsuit. I was a bit disappointed, I did imagine at some point that I would be able to see some water. Here's a picture of my pool, this is how the lake looked like when I checked it.

I finally made it back home, a nice 60k ride, not as enjoyable as when it's all nice and sunny. but still way more fun than riding in the basement.

Now if the summer can get around here that would be awesome.

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