Friday, April 3, 2009

What is up with car drivers?

Yesterday I went out for my second ride of the year outside. I took my usual 40k road, I always do this road when I have to do a quick ride outside. The weather was gorgeous and I figured that leaving work early would be a great idea since it would give me some time to ride before diner. I left the office around 4pm, drove home and got dressed as fast as I possibly could. Around 4h45 I was on the road enjoying the weather while practicing a sport that I love.

All of a sudden a nutcase drove by me with his big Chevy truck and he almost hit me with his passenger mirror. He then stops at a stop like 50 feet from me, being who I am I passed him and then got right in front of him to show him I was there, like he didn't already knew that. I then went back to the side of the road and what had to happen happened once again, he did the same exact thing that before, even closer and he almost hit me while accelerating.

Being the intelligent guy that I am I should have shroud and keep going, but I decided to flip him off. Since he was already proving that he his a nut case I shouldn't have done that, but I couldn't stop myself to show him what I was really thinking of him. So he stopped and opened his window, we had a "conversation" that I won't write here since young persons could read this and it wasn't pretty. He then decided to get off his car, I was ready to show him that even if I wear spandex I can still defend myself when needed ;) but he didn't do anything. Just kept yelling at me and insulting. So I decided to just get back on my bike and get away from that nut case.

I can't believe why people keep doing this, it's not like the street is not large enough for both of us. But he had to try to get me off the road just to show me that he is a real man with his big Chevy truck.

After a while I forgot about this poor nutsy and really enjoyed that gorgeous weather that we had. I love riding my bike, even if there is some nutcase around here.

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  1. He clearly is making up for something in the size department. ahem.

    what an ass. unfort, he's not in the minority :(