Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Restarted running slowly

Last week I met with my doctor and he gave me the go to restart running slowly. He said nothing over 6-8km and as soon as I get over 3km I should have walk break here and there.

So last Friday I went for a 3km run, I did 10 minutes run, 1 minute walk and 10 minutes run to test it out. I felt some minor pain on my left knee but nothing too bad. After that I figured that it would better to go down to 5 minutes.

So Sunday I went out again, to test the ITBand and my new kick ass shoes :) I did a 5km with walking minute break every five minutes of running. It was ok but I could still feel some minor pain, nothing that would stop me from running but definitely not 100%.

I went back this morning and it was mostly the same, less pain this time but I tried to run slower to make sure It would be better. I am still not 100% satisfied with it, I have an appointment Thursday with my doctor, I will talk with him about him and see how he feels about that. I might have to stop running again, or he will keep me running small distances to keep the legs moving. we will see soon I guess.

Until there, I will ride my bike more ;)

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