Monday, June 15, 2009

Mini triathlon

What a wonderful week end we just had, the weather was perfect both days.

Saturday morning I went out for a ride with my wife. Pierre Lavoie was in town for his 1000 kilometer in 48 hours. For every team it was a relay with teams of 5 people but he on the other side decided to do it alone. The guy rode 1000km from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon to raise money to help with children sickness. He also wanted to help people realize that we don't do enough physical activities.

He was stopping in Quebec for a quick speech with the mayor and a lot of celebrities before continuing his ride. This guy is impressive, he has won Kona 3 times in his AG. Competed in almost 20 Ironman around the world, and now he finds other goals every day to keep going. What an awesome and incredible person, I am a huge fan of him.

After that ride I knew I needed to swim a little bit but I was not feeling like going to the pool with such a perfect weather outside. So I just jumped in my pool, I figured that the pool is 10 meters long so I "only" had to do 100 lengths of it to swim a kilometer. So I did, it was actually really fun to swim in my own pool, by myself with no one to push me or to slow me down. I had my own lane, and I really enjoyed it :)

At some point I had the brilliant idea to do a triathlon Sunday. I packed all my stuff and headed to Lac Beauport, where I have a triathlon next week. Once there I put the wetsuit on and jumped in the lake. The water was probably around 65-66, it was perfect with the wetsuit. I started to swim, I was not too sure what to do and since the buoy for next week were not installed yet I couldn't swim the course yet. I went and swam for around 15 minutes, not a full kilometer because I am not that fast yet, but I would say I swam around 700/750 meters.

After that I jumped on my bike and started riding, at first I wanted to do 2 or 3 loop around the lake but at that point I was running out of time and I finally decided to do only one lap. It was fun to ride this course again, and to realize that the hill is still one big hill. I am starting to wonder if I would be better with the triathlon bike or the road bike for this course. There was a lot of people there that were getting ready for next week. I saw a bunch of people on there tri bike, which we usually never see around here.

After the quick bike ride I changed again and off I went for one loop around the lake on the run. That was my longest run in a while, with my ITBand injury I really had to cut down the running in the last 6 weeks and I needed to get out there and test the legs on this hilly course. I went and did a 5 minutes/1 minute run walk pattern for the entire run. I was not there to beat a time or anything, I just wanted to run the course once before the race. I must say that this is by far the place with the most hills that I have ever run. My calves are not happy this morning, I guess I made them work in a different way that they are used to.

When I got back home my wife and her friend were heading out for a ride so I asked if I could tag along, which I did. We rode for maybe 35km easy, which was kind of like a cool down for my legs after my mini triathlon.

I really had a blast with this mini triathlon training thing and I will do it again for sure, now if the hills could go away around the lake so I could head there every week end and ride/run on a flat course ;)

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