Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First swim with the Triathlon club

For the last couple of months a friend of mine who is in the Triathlob club of the University here in Quebec has been talking me into joining the club. I was not too sure, I felt that I was too slow to go train with those people who place on the podium at almost every races. After taking the time to think about it, and two races under my belt now where I could compare myself to the others I decided to give it a try.

I contacted the coach last week and talked with him a little bit, he offered me to join them for a week to see how I like it and after I could make up my mind. Today was the first day of my test week.

Like most of you already know, I am not that good of a swimmer. Reasons are that I don't enjoy swimming as much as I enjoy running ad biking. And also the fact that I started swimming like 8 months ago doesn't help either.

The practice in the pool was at 5h30AM, that meant I had to get up at 4h45AM. Yeah you read that right, 4h45AM, I don't know why but going from 5h something to 4h something was big in my mind. Finally I go up without any problem, drank a coffee and headed to the pool. I could see athletes all around me that usually finished way ahead of me at races and it was impressive. Caoch told me that the lanes were from fast to slow people, so I headed to the last one ;) I knew I would fit better in the slow lane.

The swim was 1h45 with a ton of drills, kick, pull, paddle etc etc. We swam 2750 meters, now my shoulders are not happy with me. I had a lot of fun though, people were nice with the newbie that I was and it was cool to swim with other triathletes.

Tomorrow is a holliday here in Quebec, and the coach had the good idea to schedule us with a OWS at 7h30, then a 3 hours ride and a run to finish it :) This should be fun!


  1. I TOTALLY agree with the 4am hour. Ugh. Why is it such a big deal to get up at 4:45 instead of 5am? It's just 15 min!!

    Cograts on the swim! It always helps to train with people. :) I know it makes my ass go faster!!

  2. Great job of getting out there and training with the club! And yes, I, too, understand the psychological challenge of getting up in the "4's" vs. the "5's"... even 4:59 seems much worse than 5:01 :0).