Friday, June 12, 2009

I need to find a way to like swimming

To be honest I don't dislike swimming, but it's by far the sport I prefer the less between the three sports of Triathlon. I am not really effective in the water and I am far from being really fast. I have not been swimming for long though, I started last September and I am honestly really happy with the progress I made from September to January or so, but since then I feel like I have done close to no progress at all and this really doesn't help the fact that I don't enjoy swimming that much.

The only way to swim around here are public pool. I can't go swim whenever I want, I must go when the public pool are open. Usually when I go swim we're in between 5 to 8 sharing a lane, and this is in a 25 meters pool.

I guess that all those little things don't help me love the sport too much. But I would really like to enjoy swimming as much as I do enjoy running and riding. When I am injured and I can't run I miss it, I really do. I miss running those long run during the week end, getting up early and go run outside to start the day ... Same for riding my bike, I miss getting out there and enjoy the ride.

But for swimming, everytime I can find a reason to skip a workout I do it, and I don't like that. And even when I finally hit the pool I find a way to get out after 45 minutes or so instead of staying a bit longer and doing more drills. Maybe this is because swimming in a pool feels like the treadmill, which I dislike so much that I go out and run during winter in -40C temperature.

I need to find a way to start to like this sport as much as the others. Maybe I should try to get more OWS and less pool swim. If you have any suggestion let me know.


  1. I MUCH perfer to OWS, but it's just not that convienent... even if you are close to open water, you need to find someone to swim with (to be safe), get the wetsuit out, etc. etc. ... what if you try a "swimp3" ? maybe music will help?

  2. I can relate, the swim is by far not my favorite, and the only thing that keeps me on target is to swim in one lane faster then I, that way the motivation is always there -or you get run over :-) so you will learn to swim faster. But at least keep this in mind it really only represents 10% of the event or the training!!
    Just keep strok'n