Thursday, June 25, 2009

How to spend a holiday triathlete style

Yesterday was a holiday here in Quebec, and the coach had a really good idea how we could spend it. We were joining him at the lake at 7h15 in the morning for a quick swim, then a bike ride and we would finish it off with a run.

When I got there I put my wetsuit on and started stretching while waiting that everyone gets there. Then we headed to the lake to swim, the coach looked at the lake and said, since we are already late we will cut the swim a little bit. He then explained to us where he wanted us to swim, from my estimate that was about 1.5km or so, after checking later on I can tell you it was 1.6km finally. The water was really good to swim in, and at that hour in the morning it is cool because there not a single boat on the lake yet.

After the swim we quickly changed into cycling clothes and we headed out for an easy Z1 and Z2 ride. Here's the elevation of that easy ride ;)

My guess was that we had different opinion on what is an easy ride, but anyway the weather was gorgeous and it was really fun to train with other people. After all the hills the coach made up two different pack and we did practice pack riding with people opening then sliding to the back etc etc. It was really cool to get some experience with that.

Here is my heart rate chart from the ride, it seems like I didn't follow the stay in zone 1 and 2 rule finally ;)

And here are a couple of pictures of the ride.

By the time we finished that 81km ride it was time to head out for a run. Some people were going for the loop around the lake, the same lake where we had a triathlon last Saturday. But I decided to only run a 4km, mainly because the doc still want me to take it easy for my ITBand and also because my left calf has been unhappy with me for the last couple of days. So I decided to do a quick 4km run just so I had a triple workouts but still taking the easiest way to make sure I don't hurt myself before my triathlon on Saturday.

Overall it was a really nice day, weather was as good as you can ask for on a training day. And to be honest the beer next to the pool after was as good ;)

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