Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A ride to test the legs

Yesterday night I went for a 50km ride to see how my legs, and especially my left knee, would react. There was some strong winds and I knew it would be a good test. I was hapilly pleased that my legs were feeling really strong, I was scared that after Sunday's half marathon they would be tired for at least a couple fo days.

My left knee bothered me a little bit after the ride though, nothing bad but I could still feel some pain in it when I stayed in the same position for too long. It's feeling way better today, and I hope it was nothing to worry about. I'll go for my first run tomorrow morning and see how it will feel after that.

With a Duathlon in 10 days I just hope that I won't start having knee pain like last summer. It seems that whenever I push hard in race situation my knee dislike that. But I can push hard during training and it usually doesn't bother them.

Last winter I went to see a sport doctor to make sure my knees were correct and that I didn't have anything that would cause me problems during this season and he told me that I had nothing to worry about. I still ope he was right, so far during my entire training for my half I never had any knee pain, left or right, so I was 100% positive that those problems were behind me. But now I am getting nervous about it once again.

Lets just hope everything will get back like normal and that I will be able to run and ride without any knee problem fast. I would be really pissed to have to take some time off with the season that is starting around here, especially since it's not that long.

Tonight I will go for a swim, at least I shouldn't have any knee problem there ;)

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