Wednesday, May 13, 2009

First Duathlon of the season Sunday

Sunday is my first official multisports event of the year. A sprint Duathlon which consist of a 5km run, a 33km ride and a 2.5km run to finish. I still have some issues with my ITBand that bother me since my half marathon two weeks ago. I have reduce my running load by at least 50% in the last two weeks with hope that my ITBand will get back on track in time for the Duathlon. I guess that I will go out and run a 5km tomorrow morning to see how it feels as of now.

I don't have any control over that injury, and I want to make sure that I will heal as fast as possible since it's the begining of the race season, and that season is not that long around here sadly.

I went for a quick 40km ride yesterday to see how the ITBand would react, I felt no pain at all during the entire ride and just a little bit of soreness this morning. Nothing that would bother me at all during a race to be honest. Now lets just hope that it will feel the same tomorrow morning during my short run :)

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