Sunday, May 17, 2009

Duathlon Sorel-Tracy

I woke up at 5h00 am and had breakfast, oatmeal with toast and some pineapple. Then I finished packing the car and drove there, a 2 hours drive. When we arrived there I went to get my package, not much to be honest. They gave us our bib and that was it, it was a non expensive race and now I know why ;)

It was cold so we stayed inside for a while, then I went back to the car and got my bike and my stuff. Headed to the transition zone to park the bike then I went inside to get dressed. Then I went outside to warm up before the race. I rode my bike for 3-4 km maybe to get the legs moving and after that I ran for 1.2km or so. Then I tried to stay as warm as I possibly could, with those 20-30 MPH winds it was really cold.

My plan was to run the first 5km around 22:30, I was aiming for a 4:30/km (6:56/mile) pace. When the race started I stayed with the MOP and I figured they would run at the pace I had planned. I realized pretty fast that they were running way faster that I was expecting.

First km was ran in 3:53/km (6:15/mile) and I knew I had to adjust pretty fast or it would be really hard. By kilometer two my ITBand started to bother me a little bit. Nothing bad but at that exact time I knew that the run after the bike leg would be painful. I tried to keep my pace to finish the 5k as fast as I possibly could without going too fast and burning my legs for the bike. I finished in 21:33, which was way better that my 25:03 last year :)

Then it was T1 time, I ran in put my helmet on and my sunglasses removed my shoes and off I went with the bike. Jumped on it and started getting speed, everything went fine up to when I tried to put the shoes on, at that time I had some problems and I lost some speed while trying to put them on. I do need to practice that move still I guess ;)

The course was really nice, mostly flat with some really small hills. The problem was the wind, it was blowing at 30km/h (20mph) with 50 km/h (32mph) gusts. It was a 11km lap that we had to do three times.

When I jumped on the bike my plan was to get as fast as possible with the head wind and then use the tailwind to get the average as high as possible before turning back into the wind. The beginning of the course was really tough on me, I was really tired from the run and I had a hard time pushing as much as I wanted to. The speed was there but I was seriously thinking that I would die ;) At some point I thought that they were wrong with the distances and that we already had like 15 kilometers done, I then checked my watch just to realize that it was just my imagination and at that time I knew it wouldn't be easy.

The road were not blocked and the traffic was a problem a couple of times. At some point I almost had to ride on the sidewalk because a car was in my lane. They were a bit short on volunteers sadly and we could see it during some portion of the bike course.

Overall I passed a lot of people on the bike, I would say close to 12-15. And I got passed by only two so overall I am happy. But I still think I need to train more and get faster ;)

By the time I reached T2 my feet were so cold I had problem running, and my ITBand was really, and I mean REALLY pissed at me at that point.

The last 2.5km were painful, I mean really. At some point I though I would have to walk a little bit to give the ITBand a break. I tried to keep a pace as fast as I could but it was really hard. I lost almost all the places that I gained on the bike during that run. I wanted to push so bad, but there were no way I could HTFU enough to not feel the ITBand sadly.

And then there it was, the finish line finally. I was pretty happy to see it.

My goal for today was sub 1:40:00 so I have to be happy.

Run 5k : 21:33
Ride 33k : 1:01:29
Run 2.5k : 13:51

I finished with a time of 1:38:58 :) Now lets get ready for next week sprint in Montreal, this will be my first sprint triathlon of the season and of my life. I am getting nervous more every day.

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