Friday, May 22, 2009

My first Triathlon is tomorrow

Tomorrow is a day that I will remember for the rest of my life. I have my first Triathlon ever. I did some Duathlon over the last year and some running races, but I never did a Triathlon.

Back last year when I was completing my first relay Duathlon I was looking at those people doing Triathlon and I was really impressed. Tomorrow I will be one of those persons, and it is really awesome just to think about it.

Back in September I couldn't swim more then 50 meters. Back in July last year I was not running at all. And back two years ago I was not even riding a bike. It is amazing how far I have come from two years ago. I was just sitting all day not doing much, and now look at me. I am proud of what I accomplished and tomorrow will be one more milestone, from potato couch to Ironman.

Tomorrow I will swim 750 meters, ride 20 kilometers and run 5 kilometers. I know I can complete all the distances without any doubt but I am still nervous about it.

It is probably because this is something new, that I have never done before, that it makes me nervous. It a good feeling though, nervous good ;)

I will make sure to get as many pictures of that first, so I have many memories to share with anyone who wants to hear about them. And to look at them later to remember how I became a triathlete.

Now I am off to the pool for a quick swim before work, just to get my body moving a bit. The last week has been really slow training wise. With my ITBand injury and the bad weather I didn't have the chance to get out much sadly.


  1. DUDE I am so jealous.

    You only get to do your first triathlon once. Get there early, get your kit together, and enjoy it.

    Take some time and chat it up with some of the other competitors, especially the other newbies, as well as some of the hot female ones. This is probably the only time you can do that and get away with it.

    Also, don't be scared to ask some of the experienced and elite athletes what they do to prepare, and how they set up their transition etc.

    This is also the only chance you have to ask what other people consider dumb questions, and get away with it because "this is your first tri, and you don't know the difference."

    Good luck, and have fun.

  2. I am SO excited for you --- Jim is right -- you only get to do your first one once, so ENJOY IT !

    Get there early, ask questions, and - most importantly - have fun ! looking forward to hearing all about it ! good luck !