Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Getting ready for Sunday

I am getting ready for Sunday, this is my A race of the season, the race for which I trained for the last 6 months. Yesterday I installed my new Renn disk on the bike, I will have to get out tonight and test it out, just to make sure everything is working fine before the race. Then tomorrow will be the last day at work. After that it will be packing all my stuff, putting everything into the car with the bike and heading to Syracuse on Friday. 

If I said I am not getting nervous I would lie, so I won't say it!

This will be my second half Ironman, but my first official one since the other one was not the official distance. I am aiming for a sub 6hours, but the bike course seems to be a tough one. I will try to not push too much on the bike and make sure I still have a lot of energy for the run. I also need to eat more this time around, last time I didn`t focus on that and I lacked energy at the end of the half marathon. 

Here is how the bike will looks like for the race :)

My bib number for the race on Sunday is #1727 in case you want to follow me on the website


  1. Spiffy looking bike!

    Good luck this weekend! Rest up and stay calm - you'll be great.

  2. That's a pretty sweet ride you have there.

    All the best for your half!