Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Post HIM thoughts

My first HIM is in the books, I have another one in September and I want to get there as ready as possible.

Last week end I was hoping to finish under 6 hours, sadly I didn't, not by much but still. Now I am sitting here wondering what I can change in my training, what I should adjust to make sure I will get under 6 in September.

Do I need more long ride, or more long run. Or do I need both. During the last months I tried to do bricks as much as I could, now I am wondering if it was the best idea.

When I knew I was to run after a bike ride I was going a little bit easier on the bike. And then my run after was not as fast as usual. Was it the best way to train for the HIM, I wonder now.

I still think that I should have been faster a bit, and since the last 10km of the run was tough I wonder if it could be because my bike training was not good enough. I didn't finish the bike ride with the feeling that I was looking for, I was hoping to get off the bike as fresh as I am after a 40km ride usually. But it didn't quite went that way, when I got off the bike I was feeling good but tired.

Anyway, enough with my rambling, I need to fix my plan and my training to get ready for a sub 6 in Syracuse :)


  1. Hey Robert

    How hot was it on race day? was the course flat or hilly? How much did you do during taper week? These all affect your final result, especially in a 70.3, or HIM.

  2. Sounds like a great result and exciting that you're planning on doing better! Bricks are kind of a contentious topic in the blog world these days - I've just started training so not sure where I stand.