Friday, July 9, 2010

Can you say Half Ironman?

Yeah I finally made the decision. I signed up for a half ironman in July and for my A race on September 19th.

The plan is to use the July 25th one as a preparation for my A race in September. In between I will run a couple of Oly and a half marathon as part of the training.

I would lie if I said I am not nervous about going into longer distance, but it is a good nervous feeling. I did some longer ride lately. The longest being up to 140km, one long brick and a lot of 16-20km run. This week end will be my last long workout week end, but I might have to work both days so I am not too sure what kind of workouts I will get done. Then next week I will try to squeeze in something kinda long and then go on taper for the entire week before the half. Lets just hope that a week is enough of a taper for an half ironman :)


  1. I'm excited for you!! Do you know what the course is like?

  2. exciting!! can't wait to follow you along :)