Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's been a while

It's been a while since I post here. I got busy with life, and really busy with work. I also got injured and had to stop running during the winter, which got me into a non posting mood. I mean not much to say about riding in the basement and running 1 minute walk and 1 minute run for 15 minutes ;)

By the end of February I finally got the go to restart pushing a little bit. So I did, and last week I ran a 10k to start the season. I am not as fast as I was last season, if I can call me fast that is ;), but I am still happy with my 47:14 finish time.

Now the season is restarting, I have a 5k next week. Then I will be in Ottawa to run the half marathon. After that another 10k and then the triathlon season will kick in. 1 sprint and 3 oly for sure, maybe a forth one I will see. Then back to another half mary and to complete this summer I will race the Syracuse Half Ironman on September 19th.

I am off to train a bit now ;)

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  1. welcome back. sorry to hear you were injured but i'm glad you stuck through the recovery and are back in action! a 47 10k sounds speedy to me - especially after a lot of time off/rebuilding.