Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 is in the book

First of all, my apologies for being away from almost two months. After New York I took a semi break from training. While I kept running, swimming and biking I just did the minimum to make sure I don't forget how to ;)

Now I need to get back at it, the Triathlon season will be here in a little bit more than four months, so time to get back in shape.

As far as 2009, here are my totals.
2009 totals
186h 18m 57s  - 5084.52 KM
167h 08m 01s  - 1749.78 KM
80h 44m 29s  - 149680 M

2008 totals
129h 32m 03s  - 3284.61 KM
53h 00m 42s  - 482.64 KM
27h 47m 53s  - 33450 M

I am pretty happy with what I accomplished on my second year, lot of improvement versus 2008 which is good :) Now I need to start 2010 as soon as possible to make sure I have another great year. As of now I have a small injury which stops me from running sadly. But I should be able to restart pretty soon.

Here's a recap of 2009

1 Half marathon
1 Marathon
1 Century (metric)
1 Sprint Dduathlon
1 Duathlon Plus Relay (biked 90km)
7 Sprint Triathlon
1 Olympique Triathlon

During this year I completed my first triathlon and my first marathon, and I am really happy about it!

Have a Happy New Year 2010 :)


  1. impressive numbers! they certainly grew in '09, 2010 will be full of training i'm sure :) start logging miles and meters so you blow '09 out of the water!

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