Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Four days to go

Four days from now I will be running my first marathon. I will be in New York city at the starting line waiting to live a lifetime experience. Everybody that I know who ran a marathon told me that it is an awesome experience, and everybody who had the chance to run the NYC one told me that it is really special out there.

I have the chance to live both on the same day, my first marathon and the New York city marathon. To say I am not nervous would be a lie, I am nervous. I am not too sure yet what pacing strategy I will go with on race day. I am scared to go out too fast and break by the 20 miles mark. And I don't want to go out too slow and finish slower that I could.

I am in wave 2, coral D, my bib number for the race is 32511. If you ever want to follow me during the race you can use the race day tracker which will be available on the NYC marathon web site Sunday morning. Or you can sign to receive update by email every time I will cross a 5km mark and at the half marathon. If you want to use that feature go to

I know I did the training that I had to do, but  am still nervous about the entire experience. How will I react when I will hit the wall. Will I be able to keep my running pace for the last 10k. So many questions and I won't have the answers before I am done with my marathon.

Overall, I can't wait to see how everything will be. My first goal for the race is to complete it. I would be really happy if I can finish it under 4hours and I will be really happy if I can finish it under 3h45.

We will know soon enough I guess.


  1. Safe travels and have a wonderful marathon experience!

  2. Good luck! I ran it in 2002 and it was a very memorable experience. Don't be nervous about the last 10k. Look forward to it -- the last 10K is what makes you a marathoner!! Looking forward to your race report.

  3. Well I won't be able to track you because ill be running somewhere near by! Enjoy these last few days and keep the nerves at bay. Your first marathon, and in NYC no less--the excitement must be through the roof! :) you've put in the hard work-rest up and get ready to rock the city! :)