Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How much of a race result is psychological?

While running with a friend a couple days ago we started talking about race result, trying to figure out a plan to get better result in our next race. At some point I told him that I thought that at least 50% of a race effort comes from the head, and the rest comes from the body.

I know that not everyone can get out there and run 2h05 marathon, but I still think that for most of us our head limits us more than our body.

When we go out there for lets say a half marathon and we start with the idea that we will run it in lets say 1h40, do we just convince ourself to not push harder than that? Is racing without a watch the solution? Or should we train more at high speed so our head gets used to run/bike/swim while suffering.

I wish I had the answer, maybe with more experience I will eventually find it. If you have an idea please leave a comment, I need to get faster for next season ;)

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  1. I believe a lot of it is in your head. I have spent the last year doing all I can to mentally toughen up...long runs at night after a long day of work, no more music and extended brick workouts...hopefully it will start to pay off. I have also been trying to find some good sports psychology books.